Bee's Memory Bears


Welcome to Bee's Memory Bears. 

Although a new business for me, sewing certainly isn't. When my children were young I sewed all their clothes and even ran a small clothing company from my home. My mother was a Tailor and I learnt my attention to detail from her.

Bears can be made out of baby clothes, bunny rugs, school uniforms, graduating gown, mum's dressing gown, grandpa's jeans, dog blankets… anything. Even your wedding dress if you can bear to cut it up! (Pun completely intended 😁 ) They are sewn with a strong cotton and filled with clean/new craft fill.

All the bears (3 in the range) are made with love and skill - Each have moveable limbs and your choice of contrast fabric, neck bow and nose shape.  Some variations are included in the price - some (like patchwork bears or a very firm filling bear) are extra. 

I can only do 2 bears a week, so each bear must be booked in. Costs do not include postage, although you can pick up / drop off in Craigmore (SA) or North Adelaide. I'm unable to drive at the moment so I'm limited to you dropping your fabric off or mailing it to me.  If your bear is booked in for a particular week, I work on getting it done THAT particular week!  But incase life gets in the way, as it sometimes can, I promise it within 2.  Please allow postage time if you are sending/receiving them that way.

Contact me on 0419 210 585 or on [email protected] for more information

Notes about the bears… 

  • Postage will be extra and you must provide return postage as well as cost of the bear
  • All funds must be received before work starts - see BEAR page for costs and bank details
  • Bears are sewn with skill and every attention to detail.  However, as with all hand made items, they are one of a kind and small differences will be evident.
  • Patchwork bears… NOTE:
    • By patchwork, I mean each pattern piece cut from a different fabric, not that many different fabrics are sewn together into a patchwork before pattern is cut out
    • Fabric combinations must be all be either all stretchy, or all non-stretchy.  A combination will make your bear will look odd.
  • The limbs are sewn together with buttons at the end.  I use what I have…. If you’d like something special please send along with fabric. Flat buttons only.
  • Eyes are done with black felt.  If you would like something different, please supply
  • Stretchy material (like a t-shirt) can’t be filled too firm as the bear goes out of shape. 
  • All bears have buttons and as such are unsuitable as toys for young children, they are for memories only