Bee's Memory Bears


What fabrics can you send?

The fabric/outfits you can use to make teddies are limited only by your access to memory items. 

Bears can be made out of baby clothes, bunny rugs, school uniforms, graduating gown, mum's dressing gown, grandpa's jeans, dog blanketsā€¦ anything. Even your wedding dress if you can bear to cut it up! (Pun completely intended šŸ˜ )

All bears are sewn with a strong cotton and filled with clean/new craft fill, however they are for decoration, not toys. (limbs are attached with buttons which present a choking hazard)

Are there any limitations? Mostly - if you have an article of clothing I can make a bear out of it!  But yes, there are a couple limitations and things you should know. For instance...

  • Soft knit fabric - as used in the pink bear (Bee1) - can only be stuffed to a light fill because otherwise the bear will go out of shape.  
  • You won't be able to use very thick/padded fabric on a very small bear (developing that soon) because of the size of the bear - but it would be fine for any of the three shown here.
  • Leather and real fur could be usedā€¦ BUTā€¦ it would double (or more) the cost as they would have to be almost completely hand made with specialist cottons and methods.

Call and have a chat, or email, and I'll work through any questions you might have.

0419 210 585

[email protected]